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Karlos Biography

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Karlos Biography

Post by Karlos on Mon Oct 19, 2015 1:02 am


Name: Karlos
Pronunciation: Kar-los
Nicknames: Karl
Gender: Male
Age: 25
O.S.: Straight

The Mind: Karlos generally is courteous and romantic. Typically risk-taking, is honest and observant. Rarely is self-controlled and trusting. Often is affectionate, logical and loyal. Socially is shy and his emotions are very unstable.
Likes: Learn new things, like squirrels, loves math and coca cola.
Dislikes: Cats and mices, hates cold tea and english wine.

Wolf Form
Build: Karlos has thick black fur: perfect to cold biomes, green grass eyes, muscular body.
Appearance: Black fur with gray marking on the cheeks, forelimbs and tail. He has green grass eyes and wears a brown cloth tied around his neck.
Real Representation:

Reference Image:

Human Form
Reference Image:

General Form
Eye Color: Green grass
Markings: Gray markings on the cheeks, forelimbs and tail (In Wolf Form) A tattoo in his neck (In Human Form).
Scars: No.
Accessories: A bracelet and a brown cloth.

Social Relationship
Father: Allan
Mother: Rosie
Brothers: Sancott
Sisters: Kyara
Mate: No one.
Offspring: No one.
Best Friends: ---
Friends: ---
Worst Enemies: ---
Enemies: ---

Other Informations
House: A-01
Job: Math teacher
Pet: Peter

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