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Kenai Biography

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Kenai Biography Empty Kenai Biography

Post by Kenai on Tue Dec 22, 2015 12:40 pm

Character Bio

Kenai Biography Tumblr_nzw3heuisS1s2g2bxo1_540

- Basic

Pronunciation: Ke-nai
Nicknames: Rogue, Ken
Gender: Male
Age: 25
O.S.: Straight

- Persona

The Mind:
Kenai is that self-centered, annoying guy that thinks he is the best in everything he does. He is mostly moody, but he can be quite a joker, if you get to know him better. He doesn't trust others easily. He can't control himself when he is angry.

Likes: Spending time alone,
Dislikes: Kids, formal meetings

- Physical

*Wolf Form

Ken has a heavy muscular body covered with a slender white pelt.
Appearance: All white with black marking in the tips of the ears and nose and greyish blue eyes. He wears a chain around his neck and has a scar in his back.

Real Representation:
Kenai Biography Tumblr_nzramzhzpS1s2g2bxo1_400
Reference Image:
Kenai Biography Tumblr_nzraic33Zp1s2g2bxo1_540

*Human Form

Not too tall, muscular body.
Appearance: He has a long, blonde hair with blue eyes and is always with his not-too-long-beard. He wears a black jacket and a silver collar.

Reference Image:
Kenai Biography 04f942aa01106fd0678a539b57631afc

*General Form

Eye Color:
Markings: Black marking at tip of the ears and muzzle (wolf form)
Scars: Ken has a scar at his back that goes from his right shoulder till his last left rib.
Accessories: A silver collar (that in wolf form appears like the chain)

- Social Relationship

Mother: + Lilly
Brothers: --
Sisters: --
Mate: --
Offspring: --
Best Friends: --
Friends: --
Worst Enemies: --
Enemies: --

Other Infos
Job: Pet Shop attendant
Pet: --

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Kenai Biography Empty Re: Kenai Biography

Post by Karlos on Tue Dec 22, 2015 6:54 pm

Kenai Biography Approv10
Welcome to Baki Valle City!
You was removed to the accepted biographies! Now you have to make a topic in this -Link- You can use as an example the house of my character -Link-
If you not has read, take a look at our rules and regulations:
Rules of the Roleplay
Rules of the Site
Rules of Mating/Sex

                       “Human body...”
Baki Valle
                                                        “...wolf soul...”

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